About us

Our mission is to work alongside young people to support you through your transition to adulthood, unlocking your potential to be resilient, motivated and empowered individuals, able to make positive changes in your lives. We support you to develop a deeper connection to nature, yourself and the wider community through group experiences in the natural world.


The Birch Collective encourage relationships with the natural world based on reciprocity, developing your sense of belonging. Being part of a supportive and inclusive community where difference is acknowledged and celebrated develops self esteem and helps you to recognise and unlock your gifts.

What we offer

online courses

Regenerate: an 8 week online course

Residential Camps

Camp Birch: a 5 day residential camp

Youth participation

Ways for young people to get involved


"I'm happier..noticeably happier. Having this set 1.5 hours is me time.

I've enjoyed the tasks; they make me feel connected to the group"

Course Participant

"I'm enjoying seeing nature in a different way from this group.

I feel calm and relaxed"

Course Participant

Our team

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Support us

We are a not-for-profit organisation and registered CIC. Donations go towards ensuring financial barriers do not prevent any young person from attending any of our programs.

You can support our work by scanning the QR code below to make a one-off donation to our project via PayPal.

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